Celerity Lost

Celerity Lost - Season 2

Confrontation on Ankhara

The Phoenix arrives on Ankhara, soaring over the ancient planet. On the surface beneath, there are miles upon miles of amber glass, almost like the sea was crystalized and frozen to time. At the edge of that sea of glass lies a ruined city. Beyond the city, a forest. As they approach, Mustafa keens, and Asena recalls that she discovered him in a lab with information leading back to Ankhara.

As the Phoenix reaches the city, the crew sees an energy distortion coming from a courtyard near the center of the city. Before they can change trajectory, the ship’s controls are wrested from them and the Phoenix descends, taking a hard landing. The ship’s power cuts out before Phoenix can make any comment.

The crew all hear a murmur in the back of their minds, beckoning them forward. The voice is strong and commanding, and most of the crew falls prey to the suggestion. They begin filtering out of the ship. Canis is unaffected, but he goes willingly.

Qiui resists the summons and manages to stop Asena from leaving the bridge under the voice’s command. Together, they exit the ship, finding the rest of the crew heading toward a central dais wreathed in smoke. They see members of the Brotherhood arrayed around it, with the Jackal standing on the dais, focused on some ritual.

The Jackal turns and addresses Canis, welcoming him to his side, and then turns to Zimir and offers him his father’s soul in exchange for loyalty. Both step forward and join the Jackal, breaking his spell on the others. The rest of the crew is thrown into tumult as Qiui takes a shot, but the Jackal interposes himself and deflects the laser bolt, taking a moment to taunt Qiui for her newfound status as the Mother Goddess’ chosen.

Turning away, the Jackal calls for Zimir and Canis to assist him in his ritual while the Brotherhood deals with the rest of the crew. A fight ensues, during which two strangers appear and join the fight: Devien Shadowweaver and Sebastian.

Sensing an impending arrival, the Jackal cuts short his ritual and tells Zimir and Canis to gather the relics arrayed before them. They begin gathering the pieces stolen from Isabela Fortuna. In the midst of the battle, the air splits apart and three figures appear: the Wolf, the Raven, and the Leopard.

The Jackal taunts them, and the Wolf tells him he cannot win and that they will pursue him. He laughs and promises to bury a dagger in her heart the next time they meet. Then he grabs his new acolytes and carries them through a portal. The Raven and Leopard move to secure the ruin while the Wolf turns to speak with those who remain.



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