Asena Sylven

duel-wielding half-breed


With a human face and wolf tail, Asena is half lupanian and half human. She loves wearing goggles to minimize how big her ears look. What she will never show to anyone is the brand she received from the Vethoman family on her back.



Asena doesn’t know how the Vethomans, a prestigious duva family, obtained her. She grew up training in underground arenas until they trusted her to be a capable bodyguard. Being treated more like the family guard dog than a family member created anger that stays dormant until she is in battle.

The Pheonix is her way to test herself and her abilities against the galaxy. After leaving the Vethoman compound, she wants to know just how strong she is and what she can achieve on her own.

These days she can be found in the pilot’s chair of the cockpit surrounded by her tournament trophies and loving trixeyu, Mustafa.

Asena Sylven

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