Celerity Lost

Celerity Lost

The Adventure So Far - Season 1

The crew of the Phoenix was summoned to the office of Hiram Trent, Assistant Chairman of the Interstellar Travel Committee of the Cassidan Parliament to discuss the malfunction of the Celerity Conduit. Upon arrival, they have a run in with the Captain Avery Travenshod of the Tempest and his crew of miscreants. After a brief exchange, the Tempest crew leaves, a haze of anger in their wake.

Trent offers the crew of the Phoenix a job seeking out a signal coming from within the Belt. With the price agreed upon, the crew departs, returning to their ship. As they lift off, several other ships, including the Tempest blast off for the Belt. Through skillful piloting and navigation, the Phoenix reaches the Belt first, plunging into the knotted mass of asteroids.

Surviving an ambush by pirates, the Phoenix arrives at the Hobbled Kragnar, a space station run by the pirate king, Dane Foureyes. The Belt is dangerous – mercenaries and pirates eagerly attack each other for a cut of whatever resources can be mined, stolen, or traded, but aboard the Hobbled Kragnar there is an enforced peace.

While aboard the Hobbled Kragnar, the crew meets some interesting characters. Canis has a tense debate with a lupanian technomancer who is preaching the glories of technology, a stance Canis fiercely opposes. Captain Qiui Elshin finds her nemesis, Travenshod, aboard and makes a wager for a totem he stole from her. Both Petra Prettyfingers and Asena Sylven enter the Hogsmasher tournament, with wagers from their allies. Zimir Stokadine meets Isabela Fortuna and trades knowledge of ancient artifacts for information on his father’s whereabouts. Qintin encounters an old army buddy and drinks with him.

Petra is knocked out of the Hogsmasher in a near defeat against a fellow haldrin soldier. She meets him afterward and exchanges honors. Asena makes it to the final round and faces Trug, a Kragnar bruiser from the Tempest. It’s a close fight, but Asena wins the day, utterly eviscerating the Kragnar.

Shortly after, the station receives a distress call from deeper in the Belt. The mercenary ships blast off and the race is on. The Phoenix manages to find the source first – a hidden research station. Orbiting the research station is a massive alien vessel.

The research station is a mess of corpses and viscera. They are attacked by a small contingent of the alien creatures, but they defeat them and find one of the researchers, Quinn Parnuveau, alive.

Quinn tells them that the station was conducting experiments on the Celerity Conduit when something went wrong. There was a massive power surge and the alien vessel was pulled through some sort of inter-dimensional rift. Then they attacked.

They are interrupted by a man who looks like Zimir’s father, but who communicates with the aliens. He tells them the aliens are called Pfbritu, and the ones who attacked them were aberrant. He requests the crew’s aid in determining a way back to the Pfbritu dimension.

While in the central lab, they discover that the research station was working under orders from Hiram Trent and that he was attempting to exert control over the Celerity Conduit. Before they could process this new information, the Tempest arrived at the station, killing Pfbritu. The man who looked like Claeden Stokadine asked for their help in stopping the Tempest.

The crew agreed to assist the Pfbritu in fending off the attacks of the Tempest. They prepare an ambush and engage the enemy, handily defeating the mercenary crew. Canis killed Travenshod’s lieutenant, a lupanian technomancer, but the captain escaped with his life, retreating back to his ship and departing.

At that point, alarms began sounding in the base as Quinn Parnuveau activated the research station’s self-destruct. Taking her and Claeden with them, the Phoenix crew escapes the station. In the resulting explosion, the Pfbritu ship is damaged and Claeden loses consciousness. The doctor examines him and determines he is a Pfbritu clone of the original Claeden.

Such a revelation has little bearing on what comes next: vengeance. The Phoenix races back to Cassida, hunting Hiram Trent. They find that he is not at his office, but while there, they meet Sarai Newtone, an investigative journalist working on a corruption story about Trent.

They determine that he is holed up waiting for a press conference he has called. They uncover further evidence of his wrongdoing and prepare to expose him at the media event.
At the Palace of Whispers, with the Grand Duke and his family in attendance, Trent begins his speech. The crew enacts their plan, exposing Trent, but he came to the press conference prepared. A contingent of Draxan mercenaries reveal themselves, attacking the crew and attempting to assassinate the Grand Duke.

Springing into action, the crew defends the Grand Duke. The Draxan mercenaries and Hiram Trent are killed in the fight, and the crew are recognized as heroes. They spend a week on Cassida helping scientists parse through the research data from the station.
When they finally reach a solution, the Phoenix takes off and approaches the Celerity Conduit. The Pfbritu ship also approaches, having repaired itself. Zimir learns that his father may still be alive in the Pfbritu dimension, and he decides to accompany the Claedan clone back to the Pfbritu ship.

Before he departs, the crew says goodbye, and Asena gives him a pair of damaged teleportation bands that, if repaired, could bring him back to this dimension. Zimir departs and the Phoenix transmits the new code sequence to the Celerity Conduit, undoing the damage previously wrought by the rogue researchers.

The Pfbritu ship jumps through, using the initiation sequence to re-enter their own dimension. As the Celerity Conduit comes back on line, the Phoenix crosses the threshold and leaps out into the stars, seeking new adventures.

End of Season 1



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