Seven years ago, during an embittered war against the mysterious Regule, the emperor of the Golden Empire was assassinated. With that accomplished, the Regule retreated back beyond known space, leaving the empire to disintegrate. Once united, the many worlds of the empire became independent. Some forged alliances while others underwent revolution. Lacking an Imperial sovereign, the political landscape of the galaxy shifted.

Seven years later, in the Cassidan system, the Celerity Conduit network, the galaxy's only means of interstellar travel, deactivated. A ship of explorers from the Society for the Exploration of the Unknown (SEU) was tasked by a Cassidan official, Hiram Trent, with discovering the source of the disruption and, if possible, restoring access to the Conduit.

The Phoenix set off toward the Belt, a system of asteroids on the far end of the Cassidan system that housed pirates and other dangers. What they discovered within changed the course of their lives and their understanding of the universe!

Celerity Lost

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